Welcome to my Website.

My name is Edmund Meulendick and I welcome you on my website
I've been involved with photography for years.
I like authenticity and when pictures have a very personal touch.
Photography is my hobby and my passion
because I want to shoot more than just a snapshot.
Captured in a photo, all emotions and moments,
that is my goal.
I try not to make the impossible possible, but I always try to make the best out of the possible.
Especially in portrait photography you can capture something unforgettable in a photo.
I appreciate any feedback you can give here.

I regularly offer free photo shoots on specific topics at regular intervals.

Information on this always on the page "News".

You can apply here: Contact

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As with any photographic subject, the difference between a good portrait and a simple snapshot is not in the expensive technique but in the deliberate image design.
Portraits of people are not just pictures, but character images that give an insight into the personality and amaze the viewer and model.

so what's missing? Oh yes: Prices!

All images are protected by copyright.
Any use without my written approval will be prosecuted - also in the interests of my Clients.